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Current stuff

My main occupation is BitlBee. On this page you can find some other projects I worked on, most of them are abandoned by now because I don't use them myself anymore. See the links on the left or the abandoned projects page.

Another fun project is Giggity, a universal viewer for conference schedules on Android telephones/tablets/etc.

And if you also think writing your own DNS reverse lookup zones, you might like dnsrev.


In the beginning of wonderful 2009, I spent two/three days in sweat, recovering a RAID5 array that somewhat blew up. md couldn't reconstruct it very well anymore and/or started resyncing things incorrectly, corrupting every second stripe. Instead of figuring out how to make that work, I decided to write a little tool to recover the array in userspace: raidrec.

Recently I bought a Netgear DG834Gv4 router (the one with a Broadcom chipset, unfortunately, but with a built-in DSL modem) and since there's no OpenWRT support I spent a little while on customizing the firmware to get IPv6 support and some other things I want in a router. I'm trying to write down some of my findings in the "834root Wiki".

Another small thing that isn't really a project but might be useful: xtvmargin. I wrote (read: copies xbacklight and modified it a little bit) this little utility to change the margins on the TV output signal on my machine with an Intel i945 graphics chip.

2005 and earlier.

Also, I recently started playing with WYSE Winterms, got some old models and it'd be nice to get Linux running on them. Which we, BTW, didn't do yet. But you can see the progress we're making on the Winterm hacking site.

Not really a project, but something I wanted to put on-line anyway, in case someone else might need it: disable EDNS patch for BIND. (Also available for BIND 9.2.)

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