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I don't really like making websites so I'll keep it short. :-)

Giggity is an Android app that loads xcal/Pentabarf/frab XML files (that contain schedules of conferences/festivals/other events) and lets you browse them in various convenient formats.

Nowadays many events release dedicated apps (sometimes with limited features) which I don't like. :-( With Giggity I try to just offer a generic app that can be used for any event that publishes their schedule in an open format, and with maybe not a very pretty UI, but hopefully a functional one.

It's free software, and available on Google Play, F-Droid and I guess other Android markets. The source is now here.

It's named Giggity, after the word "Gig". The fact that it is also a well-known catch phrase of a certain cartoon character may or may not be coincidental. ;-)

F-Droid Play Store

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