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Hi all. This isn't really supposed to be a serious Wiki, but I felt like putting some of my findings on this subject on-line. I hate doing HTML, even more making it actually look good, so I decided to install a Wiki instead.

I bought a DG834G router a little while ago because I wanted to have a Linux-powered router with built-in DSL modem. Just to get rid of the separate modem in my home network, and because my old modem wasn't all that great. I ordered it, hoping to get a DG834Gv3 (with the pretty OSS-friendly AR7 chip). However, I received a v4 unit instead, with a Broadcom chip. And we all know Broadcom's reputation when it comes to opennes…

But things are good enough for me. OpenWRT doesn't support the board yet (actually there's *some* support now, but there are no drivers for the DSL modem yet), but the Netgear sources are quite sufficient to add stuff you need to the firmware. All I need is a few extra features. My goal is not to run BitTorrent, irssi, bitlbee and whatever I can think of on the thing. I have a Winterm for that already. :-)

My router now supports IPv6, has an SSH daemon, has sane iptables instead of the stupid defaults, has a usable tcpdump binary and a BusyBox with some more applets to make the thing fairly useful for basic Unixy things. I'll eventually try to put some of this stuff on-line.

What's on this Wiki so far:

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