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I stopped maintaining most of this website, but am doing better at keeping my Last.FM calendar up to date. Just a short out-of-date live list:

Lowlands 2001
Dropkick Murphys, The Prodigy, Placebo, Eels, Muse, ...
August 2001 My first festival ever. Dropkick Murphys: The first band that doesn't sound half as good on CD as live.
Pinkpop 2002
Heather Nova, Jewel, Millionaire, System of a Down, Faithless, Live, Bush, An Pierlé, B.R.M.C, Rammstein, ...
May 2002 System of a Down didn't sound too good live. Rammstein suffered from lame management; their concert didn't get broadcasted (or even displayed on the big screen for people who weren't close to the stage). Millionaire: ROCK AND ROLL! Unfortunately, the sun (and my sensitive skin) spoiled half of my fun...
Lowlands 2002
Incubus, Korn, Underworld, Ozark Henry, Röyksopp, Flogging Molly, Hawksley Workman, ...
August 2002 Great festival; bad weather. Rain everyday. And not just a little bit. But that shouldn't spoil the fun eh? Great bands, again. Underworld was certainly a great live experience.
Spinvis March 2003 (twice) This is quite a cool band from The Netherlands. The style is hard to define, but you can call it "cut and paste" music. All done on the computer, but that's not really live material. That's why his concerts are so interesting, because they sound completely from the CD. Although the music (including the lyrics) is Dutch, I introduced some non-Dutch people to Spinvis, and they liked it too.
Children of Bodom March 2003 Great heavy metal from the country of Tux.
Pink Noise/The Wall 2003 2003-May-9 Although many PF purists consider any Pink Floyd cover band a nasty ripoff, I went here with my father and brother, and we all came back quite excited. Since when should every note sound exactly the same as on the album? I'm just too young, I've never had the chance to see the "real thing".
Pinkpop 2003
Audioslave, Deftones, Moby, Queens of the Stone Age, Massive Attack, Danko Jones, Counting Crows, Placebo, ...
2003-June-7 - 2003-June-9 Massive Attack: One of the best concerts I've seen this year, for some reason (I'm not really a fan). Missed Manu Chao again, just like at Lowlands 2001, because some friends (including the one I shared a tent with) wanted to leave early. :-(
Fields of Rock 2003
Monster Magnet, Opeth, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, ...
2003-June-15 Not really a festival I'd go to when there aren't many exciting bands. Unlike most other festivals, to me this was just a day of concerts. Thanks to the Dutch railways, I had to miss half of Metallica, because the last train back home left before the end of the festival.
Lowlands 2003
Eels, Foo Fighters, Admiral Freebee, Spearhead, Guano Apes, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, ...
2003-Aug-29 - 2003-Aug-31 The best one ever. The atmosphere was a lot better, possibly because it wasn't so busy (it wasn't sold out). We had a great time not sleeping on the camping and keeping some of our close neighbours awake.
Danko Jones, Electric Eel Shock 2003-Dec-15 Great show! Electric Eel Shock is a very amusing support act, but I have to admit I wouldn't go to a show with just them playing. Too bad I didn't have the money for a Do The Metal shirt.
Dream Theater 2004-Jan-18 Fantastic show! More than three hours of fantastic music, and an Opeth CD during the breaks. What else can I say?
Dollypop 2004
Liftid, Arthur ten Cate, The Skidmarks
2004-Jul-02 - 2004-Jul-03 A very small festival held less than five kilometers from where I live. Certainly worth it, because the small number of visitors made the atmosphere very pleasant. There were some quite nice bands, actually!
Lowlands 2004
Danko Jones, Bloodhound Gang, The Hives, Dropkick Murphys, The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada
2004-Aug-20 - 2004-Aug-22 Great edition! Although The White Stripes were at least disappointing, most other concerts were worth watching. Unfortunately the sound wasn't very good at the main stage (Alpha tent) this year.
Spinvis 2005-Mar-15 Fantastic show! If you ever wondered what kind of noise you can get from a cello, you should've been here!
Lowlands 2005
Beatsteaks, Dropkick Murphys, Franz Ferdinand, Foo Fighters, Heather Nova, Incubus, Kaiser Chiefs, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Morcheeba, QOTSA
2005-Aug-19 - 2004-Aug-21 It's too bad they were repeating Lowlands 2004 a bit this year. That's what we usually have Pinkpop 2005 for. Should've focused more on going to small bands... Had a good time anyway. :-)
Opeth 2005-Sept-14 Great show, band also seemed to be in a good mood. Although we had to catch the last train back home in time, we managed to see pretty much the whole show.
Dream Theater 2005-Oct-10 If only the train to there wasn't delayed by two hours, I could've seen the whole concert, now we had to miss the first hour. :-( The next day they played PF - DSOTM live completely, unfortunately I didn't have the money to go to that show too. :-(
Pinkpop 2006
Bloodhound Gang, Danko Jones, Tool
2006-Jun-03 I came for Tool. It was beautiful, and completely worth the four-hour walk back to the train station during the night.
Arrow Classic Rock Festival
Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Roger Waters
2006-Jun-10 Like most people there, I came for Roger Waters. Brilliant experience, I never thought I'd have a chance to see Pink Floyd or any of its members live. It was better than expected, DSOTM will never sound as impressive to me as it did this evening...
Lowlands 2006
Massive Attack, Spinvis, Opeth, Fun Lovin' Criminals, MUSE
2006-Aug-18 - 2006-Aug-20 Nice as always, but too bad about the weather. During the last day it was quite comparable to Mudlands 2002.

If you're really still reading this, the rest of this list is on my Last.FM calendar.

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