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boiscrape was redesigned and now has its own CSV export functionality. This script no longer works and is no longer necessary.

boiscrape - Scrape bank statements from

                    [-o OUTFILE] [-a ACCOUNT (1, 2, 3, ...)]
               then -l  # for the standard since-last-statement overview
               or   -f FROM_DATE -t TO_DATE

It will ask you for the three PIN number digits of the day, for security
reasons this info can't be given on the command line. Account number is
not the full number but 1 for the first account in your list, 2 for the
second, etc. (Functionality untested!)

Dates to be formatted in Irish way (DD/MM/YYYY).

For custom statements, BoI is currently NOT filling in the balance column
correctly! This is not a bug in this scraper.

Every now and then (monthly?) BoI wants you to read a security message
before showing your account data. This script tries to handle this but may
fail, so if it's not working try logging in from your browser once.

Suggestions welcome, use at your own risk, etc.

I wrote this a few months ago and it worked pretty well so far. 365online isn't really protected against scraping, writing this scraper took me only a few hours. But I'll now have to find out how they'll respond to this scraper. Enjoy it while it lasts, and obviously I'm providing this script just for people who want to integrate their Bank of Ireland account with GNUcash or whatever they use (i.e. legitimate purposes).

Download source code here or just view it here.

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