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Dear /dev/null, II

tl;dr: 302 → Pelican (URL not yet known)

It's time to simplify my web presence. This massive ball of 4yo PHP with an unknown number of security risks should go, given how "much" I've been posting over the years. (Heh is anyone even reading this? I'll never know because I've already CSS-disabled the comments form. :-D)

I do like the idea of Pelican for static blogging, for dumping some content with more depth than Twitter every now and then. Sadly I couldn't figure out how to have it import my S9Y posts, so let's instead resort to recursive wget. Added benefit: Preserves all URLs, no dead links \o/ Just in case some of this may actually still be useful some day.

... if high quality blogs and RSS readers were still a thing, that would be nice though. Maybe one day I'll go expore..

PS: On the topic of quality: The "Preview" button in S9Y appears to be the Publish button or something, and I ended up with 7 drafts of this post published in random order. O_o Also, the delete button isn't actually working.


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The Void on :

We are still interested in your thoughts. RSS-Readers do still exist. Quality-wise? Well...

Wilmer on :

Haha, hello mysterious stranger! (Good job bypassing the CSS block!)

On IRC I was pointed at miniflux, which definitely does look very minimal. Though I'm looking for something mobile ... well let's see.

First, let me finish that wget project. :)

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