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One week of New York

One week passed and in 24 hours I will already be almost halfway on my way back!

New York is great, both as a city and as a Google office, and I'll definitely try to have some more trips to here in the future. The first night I walked here, on my way from the Penn Ave LIRR station to the apartment, I already decided I'd spend as little time in the apartment as possible. Weather forecasts looked like they were going to get in the way, but the actual weather was pretty fine (almost) all the time.

What did I see? Loads of high buildings, walked along the water quite a bit, saw the building site that used to be the WTC (I expected to see some monument, but nope!), Times Square, a view from on the General Electric Building, the Statue of Liberty from far away, a tiny piece of Central Park, another park near it closer to the water, and blisters on my feet after walking for many hours especially during the weekend. I tried to not be a typical tourist and probably failed, but I must say that I saw a few of these things by accident by just running into them while pointlessly walking around through the city.

I made over 500 pictures and will try to make a decent selection of what's actually interesting and original. This is probably going to take a while... :-(

Time to catch some sleep now; in the morning I will finish packing and spend half a day at work. After that I'll get the joy of travelling to/being at JFK airport the night before the Independence Day weekend. My planning was definitely "splendid" with that detail in mind...

New Amsterdam

For the next week I'll be writing from (who knows how often, keeping my blogging frequency in mind :-P) New York. Arrived yesterday, flied Aer Lingus long-haul for the first time and I'm actually quite satisfied, especially because they did not charge me for sitting at the exit. :-)

Staying in the middle of Manhattan and will spend most of my time at work, not so much doing touristy stuff. Although the nights will be long and this place does look like it's suitable for night photography. So let's see if I can finally put my Sigma f/1.4 lens to work.

Ooh. Also this seems to be my fiftieth blog post. 50 posts in 32 months. I guess that's not too bad. :-P