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Splitting PDFs with pyPdf

A simple task, yet I couldn't find a quick cmdline to do it with, apart from pdftk, 15MB of Java rubbish.

Instead, here only 10 or so lines of Python. It was so fast I wasn't sure if it worked until I saw the results were there. Usage: split [prefix] [infiles...]. Multiple infiles possible. First argument is the filename prefix to use for all created files.

import pyPdf
import sys

n = 0
for f in sys.argv[2:]:
f = pyPdf.PdfFileReader(open(f))
for p in f.pages:
of = pyPdf.PdfFileWriter()
of.write(open("%s-%03d.pdf" % (sys.argv[1], n), "w"))
n += 1

Don't pay attention to Serendipity screwing up the code layout. We all know it's rubbish, I just can't be arsed to migrate to something better. :-/


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