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As a bit of a cloud "sceptic" I still like to waste too much time maintaining my own network/IT infrastructure. :> I'm definitely trying to avoid the more tedious stuff though. I started using Puppet a while ago which definitely helps.

Last week I was looking for a way to automatically populate DNS reverse lookup zones. The only thing I could find was mkrdns which is unmaintained for almost ten years and doesn't seem to support IPv6. So I decided to write my own thing, dnsrev.

It's pretty simple, written in Python with help from some modules. It can read any number of zonefiles and update any number of reverse zonefiles. There's no need for any kind of 1:1 mapping between them, so it can deal with multiple netblocks in one zonefile, etc. I hope it'll be useful to someone. Comments, suggestions and patches are welcome.


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VS on :

Just what I was dying for. I'll test and let you know!

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