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spamass-milter and IPv6

While migrating my mailserver from Ubuntu Dapper to Debian Lenny, I noticed spamass-milter didn't want to start:

Could not parse "2001:770:017b::" as a network

After scratching my head on that for a while (it worked on the old box!) I remembered two years ago I spent some time adding IPv6 support to spamass-milter myself. Support as-in allowing IPv6 subnets to be whitelisted/auto-accepted. Very useful if you want mails from your local IPv6 machines to be accepted automatically without waiting for 10s while spamassasin is checking if you're not a spammer...

I never published the thing and now I could hardly find back the damn thing at all. :-)

Just to make sure I won't lose it again ... and maybe it'll be useful for someone else.

Also just de-Ubuntufied my laptop. Debian's doing great so far: Suspend and Resume actually work better out of the box, but fonts look a bit ugly (and sometimes really less readable I'm afraid) compared to Ubuntu...


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Tony Perrie on :

They have IPv6 in Ireland? Jeez. Over here in Richistan, we're still using good 'ol v4 with overpriced DOCSIS modems. I wish America was a free market like Europe...

Wilmer on :

But that's just because you guys are sitting on the last /8s of the IPv4 address space! :-P

I don't have native IPv6 yet, just tunnels on my home networks. Being able to SSH into all machines individually without a VPN or port forwarding makes me feel special. :-P

Beat Siegenthaler on :

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.
btw: why not submit this patch to ?

Wilmer on :

Hrmm, I probably should've done that yeah. IIRC the project seemed rather unmaintained so I didn't.

I saw there's a bug open about this already. Did you open it? If so, feel free to drop a link to my patch there.

Steven Haigh on :

I stumbled across this when trying to figure out why my IPv6 hosts are still being scanned - even when a -i exists for that subnet.

I'm pondering, do you need to include the subnet? The changelog for my spamass-milter package obtained from EPEL shows:
* Thu Sep 23 22:00:00 2010 Paul Howarth 0.3.1-21
- Add IPv6 whitelisting support (#630263)

I've emailed Paul directly to try and figure out wtf - as I'm not sure if this is your patch or not...

Wilmer on :

Yup, I wrote this patch - although of course I don't know whether the changelog you're quoting there is a commit/merge of mine or something else.

It definitely just adds the ability to parse and handle v6 addresses to the whitelisting code so you do need to actually list the networks you want to whitelist, as you do with v4..

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