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Bunch of pictures (and updated blog software)

Sigh. If a PHP coder says "The complete upgrade path is automatted and can be performed with a single mouse click.", don't believe him. I just spent almost an hour on a Serendipity upgrade. Maybe it works well if you have a dumbass FTP CGI-exec webhost, but I miss the good old days without "user friendly" installer scripts, where installing a webapp was a matter of unpacking a tarball and feeding a database dump to MySQL. Stuff just worked without having to give the webserver write permissions pretty much everywhere.

But now, after the hackish s9y upgrade I lost the old theme, random plugins broke and I had to reinstall + reconfigure them (after resolving some more permission issues), and the best part must be that the upgrade script does absolutely no error checking. After tons of error messages it says "upgrade successful". Fortunately it's also dumb and didn't mark the upgrade as successful, so I could retry the upgrade after fixing permissions. One day I'll just figure out how to move all this stuff to Blogger. :-/

Anyway, I promised pictures. Lots of stuff is now on Don't have very fast hosting for it yet, but I'll work that out later. Hilights are the pictures of my first flight lesson, and also pictures of my cool model airplane. Bought it in April (after mostly trashing my Super Cub and leaving it behind in Beilen), and got some cool in-flight pictures. I also bought a 37g camera especially designed for attaching to these planes, so soon I'll be spying on people in the park and around here in Dublin. :-P

Some pretty hiking pictures from this year's Mountain View trip are also there: Big Sur (under Monterey), Rancho San Antonio (just under Mountain View/Sunnyvale). In other news, I'm flying to New York on the 24th. Not sure if I'll make any pictures there since probably everything there has been photographed to death already.


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