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rxvt-unicode and ISO 14755 mode

Now that my (and pretty much every other) machine uses UTF-8 by default, I was pretty much forced to ditch rxvt in favour of rxvt-unicode. Unfortunately the rxvt-unicode authors think attaching some keycap picture insert mode to the Ctrl-Shift key combination (which is easy to hit by accident) would be HANDY. Even handier, it can only be disabled at compile time.

Thanks for nothing guys, I really hope there's at least one person on this planet who agrees that this is handy ... I'm afraid most people who accidentally hit Ctrl-Shift every few minutes don't agree.

So, behold:

wilmer@ruby:~/bin$ cat 
#!/bin/sh -ex
cd `mktemp -d /tmp/rxvt.XXXXXX`
apt-get source rxvt-unicode
sudo apt-get build-dep rxvt-unicode
cd rxvt-unicode-*/
perl -pi -e 's/--enable-iso14755/--disable-iso14755/g' debian/rules
dch -n 'ISO 14755/Keycap mode SUCKS!!!'
fakeroot debian/rules binary
sudo dpkg -i ../rxvt-unicode-lite*deb

For all you Debian+rxvt-unicode users out there waiting for this bug to be fixed... :-)

[edit]Added dch command to make sure apt-get doesn't reinstall the original package every time.[/edit]


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Albert on :

I thought I'll never get rid of it. THANK YOU!

Henrik Holst on :

I agree 100% with your comments. Mapping CTRL-SHIFT is bothering me too, as I am using dwm [] and using CTRL/SHIFT/MOD to handle all soft of window related activities.

Remark: I noticed that your script requires 'dch' which is available in the package 'devscripts'. Usually not installed by default (at least in Ubuntu).

Thx again. :-)

Wilmer on :

Bah, then the Ctrl-Shift thing is even more annoying indeed. FWIW, see the Debian bug I linked to in the post. Now only the -ml version of the package has this shite enabled. :-)

auntieNeo on :

Hah, no kidding. I hate this ctrl+shift thing. I used to use ctrl+shift and ctrl+alt+shift for a lot of things, but now urxvt keeps bugging me with this keycap mode. I don't even know what that mode does, and it's not mentioned in the man page. I hope the bug manages to get upstream, because I'm using Arch and not Debian. Maybe I should switch back to Gentoo. :(

Wilmer on :

It can be disabled at compile-time. There's no possible fix in upstream other than ripping out the feature (or changing the hotkey), which seems unlikely to happen.

Just talk to the Arch package maintainer. Anything better than switching to Gentoy. :-P

hikikomori82 on :

Dude, you make my day. I'm moving from xterm to urxvt because it is much faster but there are still few glitches to be solved in my transition. For excample marking previous word in mc - in xterm I used Shift+Ctrl+Left but that doesn't work in urxvt. With your patch I get rid of that yellow box but the "word marking" doesn't work :(

Wilmer on :

I must admit I have no idea what that feature is... Does rxvt itself (without the u) have it?

Daniel on :

I've found this page a couple of times when researching this, so if more people will, I just want to say that it is now possible to disable ISO14755 through e.g. .Xdefaults:

URxvt.iso14755: False

Search for "iso14755" in the man page.

It doesn't enable Ctrl+Shift keycodes to be passed through to applications though, but that seems to be the general case for most terminals.

Stephan Sokolow on :

I haven't tested very heavily, but setting this will kill off the keycap mode, leaving the ISO 14755 base mode.

URxvt.iso14755: true
URxvt.iso14755_52: false

That leaves Ctrl free and Ctrl+Shift, at least on my version of urxvt, only steals your keystrokes if they're digits. (It's analogous to how, in Microsoft OSes, you can use ALT+NumPad to enter raw character codes)

Torstein Krause Johansen on :

Guys, thank you SO much for your discussion and super useful information. This really made my day, I was going nuts of the Ctrl+Shift non sense.

Now, with:
URxvt.iso14755: false
URxvt.iso14755_52: false

I get the exact behaviour I want. Hurrah!


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