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Intel driver, PAL TV-Out, colours please!

Got a little bit confused by this bug report while trying to get the TV-out on my mainboard working properly. As any European TV, mine wants PAL signals, not NTSC. The bug report gave me the impression that there should be separate PAL/NTSC mode definitions. But in the current driver, this isn't the case anymore.

Instead, they now use RandR properties to maintain this setting. And RandR, at least for properties, seems to be read-only .... soooo, how does it work then???

Well, try something like this:

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier      "TV"
        Option          "TV Format" "PAL"

Took me a whole weekend to find this, but at least it works now, in full colour! This didn't seem to be very well-documented to me, so I hope this post will help. If it doesn't work for you, maybe your TV doesn't understand S-Video. There's a very simple hack to solve that issue too. All you need is two wires, no need to solder anything. :-)


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Christian Asker on :

FInally I found what I was looking for. Thanks alot!

ragebeing on :

Could you post your entire xorg.conf please ?

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