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I don't really like making websites so I'll keep it short. :-)

Giggity is an Android app that loads xcal/Pentabarf XML files (that contain schedules of conferences/festivals/other events) and lets you browse them in various convenient formats.

I started working on this in 2008 already but never really took the time to polish it enough to be willing to release it. Many events now release their own Android/iPhone/etc apps, but with Giggity I try to just offer a generic app that can be used for any event that publishes their schedule in an open format.

It's free software, and available on Android Market and some other Android markets. I'll also try to keep putting APKs in /downloads. Obviously the source is also available in this bzr repo.

It's named Giggity, after the word "Gig". The fact that it is also a well-known catch phrase of a certain cartoon character may or may not be coincidental. ;-)

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